Visiting Bermuda? 10 Amazing Things to See and Do

Whether you are visiting with your friends, embarking on a spring break getaway or planning the perfect honeymoon, Bermuda is a wonderful destination. Blessed with warm weather, abundant sunshine, sandy beaches and a welcoming local population, Bermuda thrives on tourism and the dollars those visitors bring in.

Now that you are planning to visit, it is time to take a closer look at all the great things the island has to offer. No matter what you are looking for in a vacation, you will find it here, and you should not miss this amazing things to see and do.
1. Take a stroll on the beach – You cannot visit Bermuda without spending time on the beach, so grab your flip flops or strap on your sandals and take a leisurely stroll along the sand. Sunrise and sunset are particularly great times to take that walk, but there is no bad time to enjoy those famous Bermuda beaches.
2. Rent a scooter and go exploring – When you are tired of walking, you will find plenty of other transportation options at your disposal. An electric scooter is a particularly great way to see the island, including some of the lesser traveled roads off the beaten path.
3. Kick back with a local cocktail. The island is famous for its amazing cocktails, so much so that Bermuda has inspired its own array of adult specialties. So kick back and the local pub, don your swimsuit and order a drink, or order room service and enjoy a romantic night with your sweetie.
4. Treat yourself to a special meal. The island of Bermuda is filled with affordable delicacies, from street carts selling local specialties to hotel bars offering bites to go with their cocktails. But the island also sports its fair share of fine dining establishments, including the world famous Waterlot Inn.
5. Reflect and unwind after a busy day of sightseeing. If you are ready to kick back and reflect on both natural and manmade beauty, head to the Heydon Trust Local Chapel. This holy site has been operating since 1620, and it is the perfect place to reflect and give thanks for your amazing vacation.
6. Enjoy some spectacular views. The island of Bermuda is filled with natural beauty, and you can take in some amazing views at Scaur Hill Fort and Park. Be sure to bring your camera; you will want to share those stunning images with jealous friends stuck at home.
7. Enjoy a leisurely bike ride. Bermuda by bike is a wonderful experience, and there are plenty of two-wheeled vehicles for rent all over the island. The Railway Trail is an especially great ride, but feel free to create your own itinerary.
8. Explore world heritage. The island of Bermuda is beautiful, but it also has historical significance. In fact, UNESCO has named St. George a World Heritage Site, so spend some time exploring this popular tourist spot, including some hidden gems most tourists never see.
9. Climb high. If you are up for some exercise with a special reward, head to the scenic Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. The 185 steps to the top are not for the faint of heart, but the magnificent views are well worth the exertion.
10. Go underground. If you would rather go down than up, check out the stunning Crystal Caves. This underground gem is the perfect spot for families, but it is also a great choice for honeymooning couples, groups of friends and anyone else with a sense of adventure.

The island of Bermuda is the perfect choice for your next vacation, and there is never a bad time to visit–and when you do visit, be sure to check out the 10 can’t-miss sites listed above.


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